With international approach and a local setting, Avenue du Luxembourg offers its private and corporate clients services ranging from
« property resources » to « tailor-made home resources ».

Property resources

We wouldn’t conceive property search without first considering the financial, legal and fiscal aspects in terms of acquisition and transmission.
In addition to this. We provide refurbishment solutions aimed at increasing the value of properties, as well as home remodeling, property management and facility services.

Tailor-made home resources

We work with a network of reliable and skilled contractors (architects, engineers, builders, craftsmen, decorators) in order to facilitate the development of our private clients’ real estate projects when moving to Luxembourg. We tailor our services and advice in accordance with their lifestyle, their taste as well as their cultural background.

Our relocation services cover much more than just decorating and setting up their domestic households. In cooperation with our trusted service providers, we also support them in organising their day to day life, and contribute to their comfort by assisting them in managing their current and family affairs.

These services are also applicable to the clients and employees of our corporate clients



7_bullet_noir  We are professional property hunters.

7_bullet_noir  Once we fully understanding our client’s requirements we undertake extensive and strategic research based on an in-depth analysis of their personal needs and the current market.

7_bullet_noir  We have access to 100% of Luxembourg real estate listings, including private sales, and properties that aren’t yet on the market.

7_bullet_noir  We assess and provide an extensive assessment report on the properties which we have shortlisted and previously visited on our client’s behalf.

7_bullet_noir  We represent the buyer’s interest rather than the vendors’, in the sense that we give pre-purchase advice and we conduct all the negotiations in order to ensure that we secure the property at the best possible price. We can even represent the client right through to the signing of the notarial deed.

7_bullet_noir  Through regular and comprehensive reporting, our clients can oversea and thus control the entire process.

In collaboration with our experts and according to our client wishes:

We can assess the structural aspects of a property, conduct due diligence on the property compliance with the applicable regulations. This allows us to accurately budget for the required or desired refurbishment works to be carried out.


7_bullet_noir  Whether our client is interested in capital growth or a buy-to-let investment, we can recommend the most appropriate properties in terms of profit-making potential.

7_bullet_noir  We manage the overall investment project from the search of a prime location to rent collection. We assist the client with the refurbishment, decoration and upkeep of the flat or house in accordance with the current rental market.

7_bullet_noir  We provide solutions for short-terms lettings and co-tenancies.


7_bullet_noir  In close synergy with our associates, we conduct pre-purchase due diligence on the structural conditions, and the energy efficiency of the property.

7_bullet_noir  We can source any service provider for your building projects which can range from major refurbishment works, through to building extensions or minor property improvements. We assist our clients every step of the way. We oversee and coordinate the whole project to ensure it is handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


7_bullet_noir  We introduce our clients to known and trusted specialists from an extensive range of professionals in order to provide them with the most accurate economical, legal and tax advice in respect of property acquisition and transmission thereafter.


7_bullet_noir  We coordinate and monitor contractors for an impeccable maintenance and upkeep of the property.



7_bullet_noir  We search for short term and pre-rental accommodation. We can also undertake the furnishing or provide furniture rentals for a hassle free move.

7_bullet_noir  We assist our clients with the necessary administrative formalities such as (school search, car registration etc.)

7_bullet_noir  We organise shipping and removal services.


7_bullet_noir  We enable our clients to enjoy cultural leisure and sport activities in accordance to their interests and to the passions they are pursuing. We facilitate social interaction for our clients to settle into their new lives as comfortably as possible and at their own pace.

7_bullet_noir  We recruit and manage your household staff

7_bullet_noir  We provide concierge services, home sitting and assistance 24/7

7_bullet_noir  We can handle all kind of social events and family life celebrations however small or large

7_bullet_noir  We provide tailor-made services for every age group.


7_bullet_noir  We ensure that our client’s « home sweet home » is decorated and furnished with style for them to blossom in their new home environment.



Our services are aimed at institutional clients, such as private banks or family offices who wish to offer our services to their clients.

7_bullet_blanc  We provide dedicated services for your private clients, in line with the quality of your know-how.

7_bullet_blanc  We provide advice that lives up to your standards in an area that complements your business.

7_bullet_blanc  You benefit from increased efficiency resulting from our expertise and that of our partners.

7_bullet_blanc  We act in total respect of confidentiality in continuity with professional secrecy.

7_bullet_blanc  Our regular and comprehensive reporting allows you to be in control throughout the process.

7_bullet_blanc  We tailor our services to the client’s expectations with full or partial handling of the project management.

7_bullet_blanc  We ensure that the excellence of our services contributes to keeping existing strong clients loyalty.

7_bullet_blanc  Our services are aimed at expatriates as well as at Luxembourg residents

We provide services to companies, groups, institutions or organisations wishing to house or relocate their personnel in Luxembourg.

7_bullet_blanc  Your employees benefit from a single point of contact.

7_bullet_blanc  We offer flexible solutions in accordance with an allocated budget.

7_bullet_blanc  Our services offer an interesting alternative to traditional financial bonuses.


Our services are aimed at private clients, investors and individuals who are considering buying a property as an act of asset management.

7_bullet_blanc  We have thorough knowledge of the products and of the market.

7_bullet_blanc  We have valuable knowledge of the technical features which are subject to regulations and existing standards.

7_bullet_blanc  We analyse each acquisition in terms of financing, focusing on the fiscal impact in case of future disposal of the property or its transmission thereafter.

7_bullet_blanc  We take into consideration the construction projects in progress, as well as the legal requirements in terms of the territorial planning and environmental sustainability in order to optimise our client’s investment.

7_bullet_blanc  We remain close to our client’s expectations; attractive sales opportunities, optimisation of operating costs, net rental yield, return on investment, market risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk, etc. ..

7_bullet_blanc  We define an investment strategy, we remodel or restyle the property to enhance its attractiveness, and can also provide rental management and property administration thereafter.

7_bullet_blanc  We provide the answers and quality advice to our individual clients, and also facilitate and coordinate the implementation of their new life.


Avenue du Luxembourg is first and foremost a human endeavor founded by Sara Gerardi and Hugues Thevenet

Hugues Thevenet

Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine into a family of jewelers, Hugues grew up between Paris, Cannes, Bordeaux and the Basque coast.

With a degree in international trade, he finished his studies in Boston. Throughout his career, he evolved in highly competitive industries before moving on to real estate where he continued to evolve ever since. Real estate agent in Paris, he specialised in construction techniques and Diagnosis of Performance, to eventually found his own company operating in real diagnosis and property assessment.

Hugues moved to Luxembourg in 2010. He very quickly slotted into the Luxembourg real estate industry where he could develop an important contact portfolio by working with one of the major actors of the local market.

Hugues is an adept to refined living and loves travelling.

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Sara Gerardi

Italian originally from Venice, Sara grew up as an expat in Luxembourg which became her country of adoption.

She began her career in the Life insurance industry, and moved to the financial services industry
Throughout her career she managed companies owning real estate assets (prestigious residential properties, public assets, and commercial properties), art collections and yachts on behalf of UHWI.
Over that period she could gain in-depth knowledge the underlying key elements of property acquisitions such as of legal, economic and fiscal aspects.
She undertook, a few years ago a vocational training and now works as real estate agent, asset manager and real estate coach.

In addition to Italian, her mother tongue, Sara speaks fluently French, English, Spanish and Greek

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